Return of the Mermaids – August 16th

Return of the Mermaids 20140816

Join Tucson Zombies for face and body painting at:
Return of the Mermaids
August 16th at 7pm – 9pm
Haggerty Plaza

Price List:
Single Small Face Design: $5.00/Person
Full Face, Simple Design: $10.00/Person
Simple shading – Torso, Arms and Legs, 2 colors: $10.00/Person

we will be welcoming the Tucson Landlocked Mermaid population to a fun, family friendly Octopus’s Garden Party in Haggerty park. (316 N 4th Ave) It’s a dress like you live under the sea event with kids costume contest, Free live music, meet a mermaid with Odette, face painting, dancing and collaborative art and craft projects.
At 9pm we are all shaking our tails down the the fabulous in a Mermaid Migration to The Beach at 55 N 5th street. A BEACH in the desert? How cool is that??? There will be theatrical spectacles, food trucks, a Mer-Marketplace, and tons of fun! After, enjoy a Surf party at Hotel Congress! So much to do, lots of fun to be had! Come join us and DRESS UP- be wild, be crazy, be creative!

At 55 N. 5th Ave, The Beach:
Exact schedule tba.
`Mermaid Market!
`Bridgitte Thum: standup comedy from a mermaid’s point of view.
`DJ Chica
`Lauren Malanga: performance with water
`Vera DelMar
`Dance of the Jelly Fish
`Louise Le Hir: Music and voice.
`Mermaid inspired Fashion Show by La Fashionista
`Coronation of King Neptune and Goddess Salacia: 10pm.
`Food Trucks: Pin Up Pastries, BBQ Rush, You Sly Dog.

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